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  1. Digital marketing:- So what according to you digital marketing is… it’s just a platform or it is just a medium through which you can get a lot of followers or you can promote your product but that’s not it . Digital marketing is one of the newest buzzwords to emerge in recent years. It encompasses all marketing efforts that promote your product and brand using electronic devices or the internet it leverages online marketing reaction such as marketing email, marketing social media, mobile marketing It is also referred as advertising and delivering through digital channels.
  2. SEO :- SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now it’s easy for Google to find your website. There are now a variety of search engines available. You have many things like Yahoo and Bing . But 90% of searches are done on Google. So that’s usually we are falling about when we say search engines and basically search engine gout and scour the web to find pages and index them in their catalogue. IRS very similar for you having a book and at the end of the book you have an index where it tells you where everything was talked about and the location. That’s pretty much about the Google and their indexing system.
  3. Health :- I am going to tell you about global health and public health. Public health: Its a sort of extension or it’s just broader term that basically means the same thing as the later below it in a way except that it has a lot more to do with things like policy but it definitely has more to do with policy and action and it’s with even bigger groups of people and public policies always try to figure out how do we spend money.
  4. Global health:- Global health which we are talking about this is really important to understand and what global health means it’s just basically a sort of encapsulating all of this and it’s looking at each one of these levels in different places around the world and trying to understand the problems and the solutions that work best and global health takes a look at everything it looks at everything all the way down to the personal level and also looks at community in public and as well as in global health.
  5. Apps :- App is short for application it used to be the application referred to the kind of software that was supplied to the users need during a business problem then application got shortened to app when software applications hit mobile devices. Ordinary people now depend on smart phones or lot of their daily tests shopping keeping touch in maintaining calendars direction and a host of other things .An rapid developed in order to give users a unique experience that becomes part of their daily lives and users get this experience by downloading your app to their Phones.
  6. Technology:- In today’s modern world technology is advancing day by day . Due to which the life of human beings has become easy. Technology in general usually refers to all the tools machines or devices used in our day to day life . It is the result of the advancement of science. Today technology is now a very integral part of the day to day life for each and every one of us. There have been numerous technical advancements that have made our job considerably easier. Like computer mobile and many more. The Internet is undoubtedly the most well-known method of disseminating information. Making use of the can easily get the news , views etc. People can communicate to each other through internet so these all are technology.
  7. Product Reviews:- Here the product Reviews means a review is given by the customer on the website about the product whether it’s good or bad . Now a days many of us by the product online if its clothes jewelry or household accessories and many more. After getting the product what they ordered the customer gives the review of the product . It is helpful for other people also they can read the review and then they can decide whether to buy the product or not. In recent years, social media has become the most significant and inseparable medium for business development plans. It is a leading platform for marketing brands and their products, not just for connecting people to make friends or acquire fame.

Why is Social Media Marketing(SMM) Important?

Every company in this competitive market is attempting to capture consumers’ attention and attract them to purchase their goods or services. “You just cannot afford to ignore Social Media.”

Social media marketing is a beautiful way to inform your customers about your brand and products while also allowing you to understand them better, which is incredibly beneficial to your business.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and many more are the best social media platform. Benefits of the Importance of Social Media Marketing(SMM)

1.Cost-effective:- Every social media platform offers a free account. It’s easy for every person to create a new account or sign up and connect with their customers. They have some terms and conditions for promoting your brand and reaching out to potential customers and readers.

On social media apps, there are numerous tools. Advertising and brand recognition are cost-effective and accessible to consumers on a tight budget.

2.Brand Awareness:- One of the essential marketing goals for businesses is brand recognition. Admirably, social media marketing allows you to get that level of brand recognition. Because of the immense benefits of social media for businesses, it is one of the most successful digital marketing tools for syndicating content and improving brand visibility and recognition.

3.Improved SEO:- A great SEO strategy consists of various elements, but many people are surprised to hear that their social media presence can also help them improve their results. While it is unlikely that your social media marketing activities would directly impact SEO, the actions of others may.

4.Improved Brand Loyalty and Customer Engagement:- Every social media post you make is an opportunity to turn your followers into clients. Every status update, photo, blog post, remark, or video you share on social media gives someone the potential to respond, which increases the number of people that visit your site. Social media is a great way to start a conversation, increase consumer involvement, and have pleasant encounters that lead to conversions.

5.Customer satisfaction and value:- The low cost of social media marketing is one of the most visible benefits. It is the most cost-effective part of any internet marketing campaign. Signing up for and creating a social profile on sites like TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagramPinterest and others is free, and sponsored adverts on these sites are also relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing tactics

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