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What is the content marketing funnel in SEO? Explain content marketing strategy for SEO

Content Marketing Guide play vital role in SEO without content marketing you cannot rank and not get traffic of website. Search engine rank those website have good and informative content relevant according to business category. Search engine have fitter base on fitter categories or divided the content. You can submit content according to different SEO task Like Inforgarphic, video sharing, sharing relevant articles, podcasts and other media. All these approach establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness. If your brand is promoted according to target categories then more chance to sale and increase traffic of the relevant website. Content is way to explain about the information about our product. Here I am explain the content marketing funnel in SEO. How is important content funnel in SEO.

Content Marketing Funnel in SEO help to explain how the potential customers reach product and buy the product.

1. Awareness:  Main goal of seo or digital marketing increase awarness about product with different media, like T.V, Poster, Flyer and Scoial Media channel throguh attractive Adverstiment. These day more potential customer attractive thruogh social Media channel like instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. All the social Media channel we can run differnet ads according to target audience all these ads helps to increase your website or product traffic and more chance to increase sales. If you want to increase brand awarness then run brand awarness according to your budget.

2. Trust: When your brand is popular then next step to get customer trust. You can get trust through return policy and provide best product to our customer according to requirement at the affordable price. website is working all times.

3. Desire: Who like our content more chance to desire over time results in people choosing to try, our product or services.

4. Sale/ Action: When any person have awarness, trust or desire of any product then you can get sale of product. Most famous sites sale product our client through attractive offer and discounts.

All four step is important in content marketing funnel in SEO. We need to create our website content or ads base content marketing funnel that help to increase website sale and traffic. If you want to increase website sale or traffic that is not done in one day. It takes time to get customer trust and increase brand awareness.

Which Content marketing Strategy help in SEO

Here I explain in detail about the content marketing strategy.

1. Blog Sharing: Write a blog according to target keywords with attractive images, because images explain more instead about the content. When you write a blog written in 3 paragraphs with relevant points.

2. Guest Blogging: Reach out the relevant sites and pitch for writing, publish blogs on our website or exchange links.

3. Blog Commenting: Read blog according to relevant sites and comment on blogs then more chance to increase traffic

4. Podcast: Most popular tech is podcast these days. If you can promote podcasts according to your product then it is more helpful for our brand.

5. Infographics are the best way to represent information in graphical or picto from.

6. Document submission about business and services is also easily understood.

All these are content marketing guide strategies and more other ways to promote content through graphic and written form. In this article I have explained how content marketing plays a vital role in backlink creation and increasing website traffic and increasing sales. If you like my blog then share your valuable feedback and share your next topic so I can write my next blog according to your requirements. I am happy to share my point of view about content marketing.

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