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Do You Guys Know You Can Do Posting & Blog Services?

1. Do you provide your link inventory?

Ask the provider if they provide a linked inventory so you can evaluate the links before moving on.SEO forecasting done right Convert your ranking goals to additional unbranded organic traffic. With all the key variables needed to get reliable results.If the vendor provides a list of sites where your link and content will be placed, always make sure the site’s content is relevant to your business.Use Ahrefs or SEMrush to check if the site has decent organic traffic, links, social referrals, etc.A place with DA 30 and above can pay off. In general, the higher the domain authority, the better (but not always).If the site has no metrics, tell the vendor that you want a popular site that has links, great content, etc.

2. Can you provide samples of the content you’ve written and the links you’ve secured?

·        Ask the provider for samples of the links they’ve provided and the content they’ve written to get them so you can evaluate the quality.

·        If you can see that the content reads well and is of good quality and useful to end users, then it is probably a legitimate vendor then you do Guest Posts & Blog Outreach Services

3. Is there a content evaluation process?

Always rate the quality of content:

·        No spelling or grammatical errors.

·        Good punctuation.

·        Readability.

It provides value.If you find any of these errors, ask for a review and make sure you’re happy with the content they’re creating.

4. How many content revisions do you offer?

       Find out how many content reviews they offer for guest posting services.Contractors will typically provide up to two revisions of the content they write.If you are not satisfied with the link or content, make sure they can provide you with another site or new content.Providers who focus on customer satisfaction can get repeat orders and great reviews.

5. Will the content only contain links to my website?

       See if there are other sites they link to when writing content, or if the content only links to your site.There’s nothing wrong with having multiple sites linked in your content, but if you see 5-10 sites, your link won’t be worth as much as if it were the only link on the page.

6. Are you providing 100% unique content?

       Ask if they use Copyscape to ensure content is not duplicated.Search engines love unique content. If you find that content is duplicated everywhere, ask for unique content.If the provider isn’t providing unique content, take your business elsewhere.

7. In the content Where will the link(s) be placed?

       Ask where in the content the link will be placedIf you see the link placed in the footer, it could do more harm than good. Footer links can set off alarm bells in search engines, especially if it’s a large site.

8. Can you provide case studies and references?

       Always ask for case studies and results with verifiable references you can talk to on the phone. I can’t tell you how important this is.Getting real results from satisfied clients can make your decision to work with that vendor a lot easier and build confidence that they are the vendor for you.

9. Can you provide reviews of your work?

       Always look for company reviews and take the time to read positive and negative reviews before deciding which company to go with.Several sites offer reviews such as Google, Clutch, TopSEOs, etc.

Wrap up

If you are going to use guest posting services, be smart and make sure you get links that are relevant to your business, not from spam sites with keyword-rich anchor text links.Be wary of any suppliers who don’t post their inventory and have links that are spammy etc.

·        Use branded anchor text and make sure the content is useful and valuable to the end user.

·        It’s also a good idea to tag your links with link attributes so that Google sends the right signals.

·        Don’t get too caught up in Domain Authority (DA). Some places with low DA can grow over time and later get to higher DA.

·        If the link is relevant to your business, the site has great content, and becomes a resource that is useful to end users, you might want to consider it.

How do we do guest blogging for digital marketing?

       Guest blogging Website For Digital Marketing, like guest posting, is a content marketing and SEO strategy in which individuals write articles for other websites to promote their brands and businesses. Guest bloggers commonly write content for websites and blogs that are related to their industry and have a wider audience.

What is a Guest Blogging Website for Digital Marketing?

       Guest blogging sites hire outside writers to drive traffic, increase domain, increase brand credibility and brand awareness, and build relationships with peers in their industry. List of 10 Top Digital Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

1. Hubspot

2. Global shades

3. Jeffbullas

4. Social Media Examiner

5. Get the answer

6. Pro7 Guest Blogging. SingleGrain

7. SingleGrain

8. Business 2 Community

9. Mention

10. Shane Barker

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